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There is nothing traditional about Phoenix Law. It was formed in 2018 by a group of lawyers who have a shared determination to improve human rights and accountability on the island of Ireland and beyond.

The team offer formidable legal advice to clients in the UK and Ireland and a voice for the underdog in litigation against state bodies, institutions, insurance companies or multinational organisations.

We have been involved in some of the most high profile and significant legal challenges in recent history including successfully securing compensation payments for hundreds of survivors of institutional child sexual abuse, legacy inquests, extending protection of trans and religious rights, helping secure same-sex marriage in NI and challenging major developments that threaten to destroy valuable habitats and local communities.

Our work is wide-ranging and we have the collective experience to ensure the law is applied equally and fairly. We have represented clients in domestic and international settings from Magistrates court right up to the Supreme Courts in Dublin and London, the European Court of Human Rights, the African Commission on Human Rights and various UN hearings.

In addition we believe in our close working partnerships with the academic sector. This combination ensures our clients get the best quality and most up to date legal advice. That advice is also available to students of law as our partners are regular guest lecturers at leading universities including Cambridge, Ulster University, Queens University Belfast and Trinity College Dublin. 

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