We know contacting a lawyers can feel difficult and the reasons behind it can be personal, sensitive and in some cases upsetting. Our core values are at the heart of our commitment to delivering equality and fairness in a non-judgmental environment.

Our core values include:

A democratic structure

Unlike the stereotypical solicitors’ practice, Phoenix Law has made sure every member of staff has her/his say in the running of the organisation.  Our entire team is involved in regularly making decisions that affect our direction and future.

Client care and quality of service

From Day One we have worked tirelessly to provide the highest quality client care and legal services. It is part of our ethos that our lawyers are directly involved in their cases and available to our clients.

A commitment to working together

Phoenix Law is not about the individual; we are a team. We share knowledge, maximise individual skill sets and experience.

Efficiency in administration and management

One of the key focuses of Phoenix is to establish an Infrastructure that promotes efficiency at its heart. The team is committed to being professionally managed, using efficient and effective administrative procedures and systems, which as a result allow for our lawyers to maximise their time to the specific cases in which they are instructed.

Ethical legal practice

We have a commitment to the legal profession’s wider responsibilities and undertake pro bono casework.


We are not a traditional legal practice.  Innovation was a cornerstone of our foundation. Our successes and experience mean we’re confident to experiment with new ways of delivering legal services.

Continued education and training

We require our team to keep learning through regular internal seminars and discussion groups.

You can contact our Management Team at info@phoenix-law.org