Core Values

Our core values govern the way we work and how our firm operates. Our lawyers and staff are committed to equality and fairness in all aspects of their work.  If you have any suggestions or queries about our core values we would be happy to discuss these with you. You can contact our Team at

Our core values include:

A democratic structure

Contrary to the stereotypical solicitors’ practice, Phoenix ensures that all members from Secretaries to Directors, have a say in the running of the organisation. This means on a regular basis all team members are involved in decisions that affect direction, and the core values that underwrite the practice. 

Client care and quality of service

As an organisation, Phoenix is committed to providing high quality client care and legal service. Upon instruction, the services provided are personal and client focused.  It is part of the ethos at Phoenix that all lawyers involved in any case are directly involved and make a difference in how the cases are prepared and conducted. 

A commitment to working together to deliver legal services

Teamwork and co-operation are important values.  Phoenix is not about the individual; but about the team. This is emphasised by our democratic structure and name.  At Phoenix the lawyers are committed to working together to deliver legal services through sharing legal knowledge and experience.  It isn’t about the individual, but about Team Phoenix. 

Efficiency in administration and management

One of the key focuses of Phoenix is to establish an Infrastructure that promotes efficiency at its heart. The team is committed to being professionally managed, using efficient and effective administrative procedures and systems, which as a result allow for lawyers to maximise their time to the specific cases in which they are instructed. 

Ethical legal practice

The team at Phoenix have a shared commitment to the legal profession’s wider responsibilities and obligations as officers of the Court.  We also remain committed to undertaking pro bono casework.  


We are committed to innovation. Phoenix is not a traditional Solicitors practice.  Innovation was a cornerstone in the founding of Phoenix, and as a result we remain committed to experimenting with new ways of delivering legal services.  

Practice diversity

We are committed to respecting the diverse practice aspirations of each member of the team. 

Respect and courtesy

Phoenix is committed to ensuring that all those who work within the organisation are treated with equal respect and courtesy at all times.  

Continuing education and training

Phoenix is committed to the continuing education of its team, through regular internal seminars and discussion groups.  We believe in continually training as a Team, and reinvesting in education and expertise. Our public training events calendar is available on our website.  


We are committed to equality of opportunity.  Phoenix was created through the coming together of a group of lawyers who respectively excelled in their various practice areas, and within their previous practices. Phoenix aim and strive to focus on the continued recruitment of prospective members for Team Phoenix.  In doing so, Phoenix has a specifically designed Recruitment team external to the practice. We are committed to offering training, apprenticeships, career progression and other opportunities to those individuals who meet the ethos and criteria of Team Phoenix.  Recruitment details can be accessed at the Phoenix Law Recruitment homepage and interest can be confidentially declared at 

Academic Involvement 

Historically it has been unheard of for academics and solicitors to work collaboratively within the confines of a solicitor’s practice. Phoenix has a specific Academic consultancy panel whom have been head hunted to form part of the Team at Phoenix. Through academic input, we strive to offer the best of legal services tailored specifically to the cases in which we are instructed. See our Panel of Academics for more information. 

Team wellbeing

Phoenix is committed to enabling all those who work within the organisation to achieve a proper balance between their working and home life. Phoenix has a specific in-house Team in which focuses on the promoting of socialising, and team exercises to promote the bonding and ethics of team work. Phoenix regularly hold entertaining events in which others are encouraged to join.  

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