School Transfer Test proceeds to full hearing.

The High Court of Justice granted leave in the judicial review case challenging the delay of the transfer test in Northern Ireland this year.

After the hearing our clients mother said, “By the Court granting leave acknowledges all the concerns parents have been raising for weeks now.  I have felt helpless and my daughter’s emotional wellbeing is suffering. I am encouraged and relieved by todays positive outcome as I know that this test will have significant consequence on my daughters future and life potential. Like every other parent, I simply want what is best for my daughter and this test occurring in November certainly is not that.”

Ciaran Moynagh commented, “It is certainly in the public interest to have the action or inaction of all transfer test organisers scrutinised. We must remember at the heart of this are many 10 – 11-year-old children that are extremely anxious about what is expected of them in these uncertain times. The Court has indicated that the matter will be dealt with as quickly as possible and a hearing is likely to occur during the summer. I very much hope that a resolution comes about which has human rights and the best interests of the child at the very centre. If this an appropriate delay, we need to know when schools will return and what proposals to get kids up to speed are. If it turns out it is not possible to have a transfer test this year, then proper and consistent admission guidance must come about.”

Belfast Telegraph Story

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