Phoenix Law is the only practice in Northern Ireland that has a specialised department designed for the purposes of providing expert advice in surrogacy law. 

Within the UK you cannot enter a legal contract with a surrogate – the arrangements must be altruistic. The surrogate is considered the biological mother and her name will be placed on the birth certificate. I f she is married her husband will be recorded as father. All parties will later have to consent to a Parental Order which will change the official records.  However strict time limits apply so seek advice early.  As a result,

We have extensive experience in dealing with international surrogacy arrangements that include pre-birth or post-birth orders and can advise what action is required when you return to this jurisdiction.  

Members of our team are renowned as being the leading experts in the field of surrogacy law in Northern Ireland.   We are a member of a number of national and international organisations which work to improve the service and opportunities for families of all kinds who find themselves within the surrogacy law system. 

If you are a step-parent seeking to gain full legal rights and responsibilities for a child(ren) we can assist in applying for an Adoption Order or Parental Responsibility Order.

Team Phoenix has become the ‘go to’ firm for surrogacy given our experience in advising on International Surrogacy, in which our clients sought to use the domestic Courts to get the necessary orders to allow for the parents to return home.  In addition, members of our team have been involved in the most complex surrogacy cases currently before the Courts involving online sperm donation.