Team Phoenix has been and continues to be at the epicentre of Human Rights Law in practice.  Human Rights is at the forefront of the focus at Phoenix Law, and as such members of our team have appeared in some of the most prolific and important cases relating to human rights protection. 

We have acted for a wide variety of clients ranging from families of the conflict, companies, children, charities such as the Rainbow Project, non-governmental organisations including Amnesty International, to political representatives and ex-government Ministers. 

Our Team has been instrumental in the development of some of the most important human rights principles in Ireland including Article 2 and the right to life in its application to the legacy of the past in Northern Ireland, appearing in the leading cases of Keyu v SSFCO, Re Barnard (The Glenanne Gang case) and Re Hughes (The Loughgall and Legacy Inquest funding case). 

Article 8 the right to private life and its application to women’s access to abortion (acting Sarah Ewart and Amnesty International) the right to marriage equality (Petition X), and surrogacy.  Team Phoenix also acted in the historic Humanist marriage case taken by Laura Lacole and Eunan O’Kane.  In addition, members of our team continue to act for those victims of institutional child abuse who have taken the Secretary of State to Court for the failure to put in place a redress scheme, as recommended by the HIA Hart Inquiry.  

In addition, members of our team have become renowned for their expertise on torture and Article 3 ECHR acting in the Hooded Men case of RE McGuigan, and Ireland v UK before the European Court of Human Rights and the pivotal case on prevention of extradition in circumstances that there is a risk of torture, as held in the case of Lithuania v Liam Campbell.   

Human Rights is a unique practice field which applies in a variety of ways across the spectrum of the cases to which we are involved, varying from criminal defence, to family proceedings to litigation.