Phoenix Law is committed to holding public authorities to account.  Phoenix Law has become a leader in the field of public law, with most of our team having a background and experience in the field of public law.    

We are engaged in some of the most complex constitutional, administrative and human rights related public law cases in the UK and Ireland with many of our solicitors holding a diverse range of specialist knowledge in this particular area.  Our lawyers have appeared at all levels in public law challenges including the Supreme Courts in both London and Dublin.  Members of Team Phoenix have become renowned for their vast experience in public law challenges arising out of a range of circumstances to include planning decisions, decisions by local councils, actions by the respective Government Departments and Executive.  

Members of our team appeared in the RE Lacole & O’Kane in which has become commonly known as the ‘Humanist Marriage’ case involving a challenge to the legality of excluding the provision for humanist marriage. In addition, our lawyers were also involved in the seminal case of Gina Miller, acting for Fergal McFerran as part of the ‘people’s’ challenge’ group, which sought to ensure that any decision on Brexit should go through Parliament.  At present, Phoenix Law is appearing before the Courts for the applicant in JR80 which involves a challenge to the Secretary of State’s decision not to provide for redress for victims of institutional abuse.